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The Merc248

Tons of stuff here about absolutely nothing. Read on for more information.

The Origin Of The Headache, Mathematics, And Prompt Resolutions

Mathematics, And The Origin Of The Headache

Again, I committed the same mistake of saving my homework until the very last day before it's due. Dammit. It's almost bad enough for me to switch majors, due to the sheer frustration one can get when dealing with a more complicated calculus problem. So far, I'm absolutely fine with Linear Algebra; I like the abstract concepts presented so far, as well as the computational techniques that it relies on. However, with multivariable calculus, I'm pulling my hair out when trying to figure out how to set up the problem. I'll have to talk to my professor tomorrow to see if he can present more example problems on the more recent topics that we've covered so far.

By the way, mathematics is the origin of my headache. For now, at least.

Prompt Resolutions

I think there are things I need to convince myself to realize and act upon before I go to sleep tonight:

1. I should stop thinking about stuff so much; stuff as in anything aside from academics. It's not doing me any good, anyhow.

2. Academics isn't my life. Gaming isn't my life. I need to go outside more. Yes, this means less Xanga, less Myspace, less Blogger, less of everything else but outside. ;p I'm starting to do this more anyhow, so I think I'm partially solving the problem.

3. I need to keep the bridges open. Burning them is overkill.

4. I need to keep myself in shape. ;p

5. Last but not least, I need to stop thinking so much about potential relationships. I really don't think I'm ever going to get a serious relationship, and I really don't think anyone would consider one with me anyway. 0% chance of success, 100% happiness.

With that said, I'm going to head to bed and see if anything changes.
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7:27 AM

You sound depressed, my friend. May not be able to help with your other headaches, but I did survive multivariable calc, so I can commiserate.

A regular study group or partner might help. At the very least, if you're like me, it will give you extra incentive to learn so that you can appear really smart to your partner(s).


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