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The Merc248

Tons of stuff here about absolutely nothing. Read on for more information.

Random ~5:00 AM Post

Conjecture On Why I Am Still Awake

No, I don't know why I'm still awake. Sorry to disappoint.

Resumé Stuff

I think I have most of my resumé done for at least a computer support position. I'm probably going to finish it later today and see how much luck I have in getting a job. If all else fails, I could always work as a burger jockey at McDonalds.


Thank God I found MATLAB on a Bittorrent site, by the way. I can't even afford the $100 discount price for the student edition at the UW Bookstore. Now I can finally do some of my Linear Algebra homework. ;p

I Need To Stop Gaming So Much... Stuff

Yeah, like what the sub title says, I need to stop gaming so damn much. Why? Well, I'd actually have time to write this post before the next morning, plus I'd have more work done. It's like masturbation in a lot of ways; you know, how it really feels good but you are still being screwed, stuff like that. Case in point: I've been playing way too much Battlefield 2 lately, and have been neglecting various crap in my studies. Hell, I haven't even really cracked open this book that I bought a week ago called "The C Programming Language" by Kernighan and Ritche; I've been meaning to read at least the first two chapters sometime before summer quarter started, but hey, I ended up pissing away that entire time by playing the Battlefield 2 demo. Oh well, it felt good, I suppose.

Sleep, and Stuff

So yeah, I lied in the title of the post. It's now 5:00 AM; I started on this post at 4:45 AM. Great. Now video games are making me lie, I don't think it's very far fetched to say that they will make me shoot someone because of Grand Theft Auto. Whoever thought of that correlation is a damned genius.
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