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The Merc248

Tons of stuff here about absolutely nothing. Read on for more information.

OpenGL Programming, And Other Stuff

I started looking at NeHe Productions for introductory OpenGL programming tutorials. Seems to be pretty good so far, although I admittedly haven't advanced too far (still on the first tutorial), mostly because of school work. :x It still seems pretty cryptic to me so far, so I'm just going with the flow at the moment. What's crap is that since I don't know much about creating GUI windows in any sort of environment, I have to follow with the tutorial's default bias toward Windows programming. Thus, I ended up somehow obtaining VMWare Workstation 5 and installing Windows XP and Visual Studio .Net on a virtual machine. Hopefully I can render OpenGL stuff on VMWare, though.

VMWare is pretty slick, by the way. I've been trying out various Linux distributions through VMWare rather than going through the trouble of reformatting my current computer and installing a distribution like that. Seems like a great way to test code in a contained environment as well. Way better than Virtual PC.

Alright, that's it for now. I've got to spend more time finishing up my math homework. :\
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7:14 PM

I don't know if you're even checking the comments this far back anymore, but check out SDL. It'll let you setup a window and get an OGL rendering context (as well as a mess of other multimedia stuff) on Windows, Mac, Linux and a buncha other platforms.


Also, later NeHe lessons have SDL ports.


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