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The Merc248

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Thoughts On The University Of Washington

I'm liking both of my classes so far. I'm also growing to like the UW's campus as well, especially the game room in the basement of the HUB :p (Husky Undergrad Building, for those who haven't been to the University of Washington before.) But yeah, I can finally find a couple of buildings on my own without having to look at a map. :p

However, it's a bit irritating having my professor for Adv. Multivariable Calculus writing incorrect equations every time he goes and writes a solution on the board, and then having him spend 5 minutes per problem trying to correct the equations. ;p

I really like Linear Algebra, though; it seems like the elementary row operation stuff (Gauss-Jordan elimination in particular) we're learning right now can be written in a C/C++ program. It would be interesting to figure out a general algorithm to get whatever matrix into reduced echelon form. I need to get my hands on a copy of MATLAB, though (read: $100 that I don't have.)

I probably also need to get another damn math textbook, even if the calculus textbook I have has some of the same sections as what's covered in the other textbook (same author, slightly different textbook title, less multivar. calculus stuff.) So yeah, that's probably another $50-$100. I'm fucking broke, by the way... Battlefield 2 sucked the remaining money dry from my account. I'm not exactly what you would call a "financial mogul," but eh, at least I have Battlefield 2. ;p

And I think it might be time for me to look for a new job... I can't rely on waiting for my former boss' response for a prospective job. A job somewhere around the UW would be great.

I suppose I'll finish this post off with a quote:

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" - Darth Vader
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