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The Merc248

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Seattle University And University Of Washington Comparison

So... after taking classes for a few weeks at the UW for a while, I think I have a good idea of what the pros and cons are for both universities.

Seattle University:

+ Campus isn't overly huge
+ The faculty are great. Being able to talk to your faculty after class about pretty much anything is something that you can't find in most other universities
+ The commuter collegiums are nice
- There's a steep incline throughout most of the campus that is a bit hellish to climb if you only had four hours of sleep
- Capitol Hill
- There's really no incentive to stay on campus. The library sucks, the on campus food sucks, there's really no good areas to study, etc.
- Clubs almost always meet at 8:00 PM on a weekday, which is shitty for a commuter
- I personally haven't met anyone who is poor like me

University Of Washington:

+ The campus is great. It's always nice to walk casually through the campus while getting to your next class
+ Loads of study areas
+ Good food in the lower floor of the Husky Undergrad Building
+ The Ave
+ Libraries are probably the best in Washington; can find nearly everything in any of the libraries, including loads of math texts, obscure literature, etc.
+ Everyone seems extremely down to earth and easy to talk to
+ At least in my two smaller math classes, the faculty are easy to talk to
- Campus is way too large; I get lost way too often
- By George isn't open during the summer
- Metro route 44 from my house to the UW (and vice versa) smells like piss almost all the time
- Clubs? What clubs?
- The faculty teaching my classes haven't completed grad school yet; not really a "con" though
- Bureaucracy. It's hard to get ANY administrative stuff done, like financial aid, etc.

In a nutshell, I REALLY want to transfer to the UW. I can tolerate all of those cons in favor for a way better campus, easier commute, and better off campus offerings (ie: something not Capitol Hill.)
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